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Kim Sisth

I just wanted to let the FB community how great you guys are. We order boxes for moving. We love the quality and sturdiness of your boxes. I love the size and uniformity of your boxes. It allows me to make, fill and move the boxes without having to wait for my husband to do that for me. Also, wanted to give a shout out to Andrea Davies, Account representative was awesome to work with, She’s a real asset to your brand.


“I had ordered 20 of the medium and at the price figured they would be light duty but I could still use them in some way on my move. SURPRISE, SURPRISE when I got the order I grabbed the box with one arm, and was surprised at the weight. Open up the shipping box and pulled one out, was very pleased with the quality. Figured it would be a scam so surprised when I got the order. So far so good, in fact very good.”

C. Smith

“These boxes are legit!!! They are all packed neatly in a nice compact box. “Packeze” boxes are heavy duty and very sturdy, they even have labeling on each one to check off the room you’ve just packed!”

B. Sears

“Got my boxes super quick and with free shipping! Even came with some free goodies! Thanks!”
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